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Four generations devoted to Bourdillot

(more than 100 years of history)

(plus de 100 ans d’histoire)



Originally, there was passion … born in 1906 : when he set out, there was no question of inheritance of

property for Jules Haverlan.


Originating from Arras, where there is no wine production, he made a mad choice : to become a winemaker.

He abandoned his region in the north, married the region of the south-west and bought Château le Bourdillot in the village of Virelade.


His choice turned out to be a good one : this estate can be found on a plan dated 1818 as part of a property belonging to the Count of Lynch (family Lynch Bages), Lord of Domaine Coulon.  This is where the story of the Haverlan Vineyards was born.


Following Jules, came his son Paul, who took over the vineyard with the same passion, but with the rich experience of his father in

addition …   Finally, Louis, the third generation … He is chosen to work the land amongst Paul’s six children.  Later, headstrong and passionate, he extends the vineyard and becomes the eldest person selling bottled wine in Portets … Portets ?  Yes ! 

In 1956 he marries Thérèse Laconfourque, who is the daughter of a winemaker and winemerchant in the neighbouring village of Portets.

Her family also owns a vineyard in the Graves : Domaine des Lucques.  Later on, they both inherit Château le Bourdillot and Domaine des Lucques.  The Haverlan Vineyards expand …

The two Graves are vinified and aged on the estate of Domaine des Lucques.


Patrice took over the Haverlan Vineyards in 1986, 80 years after his Grandfather Jules.  Since this date, he has continued to develop the family vineyard.

Louis Haverlan.
Louis et Jules.
Tentation 1998.
Louis Haverlan sur son tracteur.
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