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If you like woody and well-structured wines, with excellent raw material well-adapted to ageing in new oak barrels, you will be seduced by the distinction of our Château le Bourdillot Graves red.


The second wine, the Tentation du Château le Bourdillot will remind you of the character of the Bourdillot, but enabling you to appreciate it earlier.


Wine enthusiasts liking wines which are rounder and fruitier, with wood which is more discreet and mellower, will choose Domaine des Lucques.


In Bordeaux Supérieur red, the Château la Gravettes des Lucques is a pleasure to drink young, when it is fruitier.


Concerning white wine to accompany oysters, seafood and grilled fish, we advise you to try Tentation du Château le Bourdillot.  This wine is lively and fresh with aromas of lemon, grapefruit, orange peel and citrus fruit in general.


As for the Château le Bourdillot white, which is vinified and aged in barrels with stirring of the lees, this is a wine which is far more aromatic, round and fat in the mouth.  It will go well with more complex dishes : fish in sauce, white meats with cream, scallops …

Château le Bourdillot Rouge
Tentation du Château le Bourdillot
Tentation du Château le Bourdillot
La Gravette des Lucques
Domaine des Lucques Rouge
Domaine des Lucques Blanc
Séduction du Château le Bourdillot

Abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

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